As a Thank You to our First Responders clients, we are proud to offer our rebate/credit program.

Our team is committed to helping those that "help"... If you are a Nurse, EMT, Police Officer, Fire Fighter, National Guard, Reservist or any type of First Responder we are here to help get you on the property ladder. Be sure to contact us if you want to take advantage of this rebate/credit program prior to purchasing a home. You can do so by clicking here and filling out the information request to get a personal call right away.

We are licensed REALTORS® who work with Lenders that have agreed to also provide help throughout the mortgage process. We ask that you work with our preferred Lenders to get preapproved. You can work with any Lender you choose, however, you will need to work with that Lender to see what discounts or reductions in fees they will provide.

Program Criteria - Who Is Eligible?

Any Buyer(s) that are First Responders such as Fire Fighters, Police Officers, EMT/Rescue, Nurses, National Guard, or Reservist who have applied to the program and close on a home using us as their REALTOR®. First Responders name must appear on the mortgage and deed. See Terms and Conditions/Restrictions below.


Buyer Benefits Chart:

$500* on purchase price $150,000 to $250,000

$750* on purchase price $250,001 to $375,000

$1,000* on purchase price $375,001 to 450,000

$1,500* on purchase price $450,000 and above

*Applied to eligible closing costs, prepaid, or other Buyer(s) existing consumer debt (VA loans only). See Terms and Conditions/Restrictions below.

Terms and Conditions/RestrictionsIf the Buyer(s) purchases a property using this rebate/credit program, and the Realtor is compensated by the Seller(s) with the payment of a commission at closing based on a percentage of the total purchase price or defined by the sales contract the Realtor shall rebate/credit Buyer(s) at closing based on the Buyer Benefit Chart. The Seller(s) are normally responsible for compensating the buyer’s agent, however, in some circumstances (ex: For Sale by Owner) if the Seller(s) do not offer the buyer’s agent a commission there will be no rebate/credit given to the Buyer(s). If the Broker does not receive the full commission, the balance owed will be considered part of the rebate/credit used in this program. Some of the ways you could receive a portion of the rebate/credit back would be in the form of a home warranty, appraisal paid for, waiving part or all of the loan origination fee, etc. If the Seller(s) pay excessive closing costs and you are already getting money back at closing, and your loan will not allow for cash back, the buyer’s agent may only be allowed to contribute a portion of the rebate/credit or as little as none. For Buyer(s), rebate/credit is subject to Lender requirements and/or overlays, both FHA and VA loans have stipulations related to how Buyer(s) can receive rebates/credits at closing and how much Buyer(s) must bring to closing also referred to as “out of pocket” cost. All rebate/credit must appear on the Closing Documents, ALTA Settlement Statement or HUD1. No rebate/credit will take place outside of closing. This rebate/credit does not qualify for Short Sales because banks will not allow rebates to be given back at closing. Only one promotion or program may be used per transaction and it must be presented at the first meeting and/or at the initial contact with your agent. Must have a minimum sales price of $150,000. Must have a minimum of 2.5% commission given to the buyer’s agent from Seller(s). Rebate/credit cannot be combined with any other offers, programs or promotions and holds no cash value. Must comply with loan requirements. The qualifying party must be listed on the mortgage.